First Choice

Wireless Internet

  • Fast - up to 10Mbp & always faster than service from the phone company. We also maintain low oversubscription rates to provide ample bandwidth to our customers.
  • Reliable - rock solid network & performance. Our customers enjoy over 99% uptime! And unlike some wireless internet companies, we don't try to shoot these signals to towers miles away. We keep service areas geographically small, resulting in strong signals up and down, good weather or bad.
  • Secure - We use the strongest encryption to secure all transmissions according to industry standards.
  • Independent - Free yourself from the big phone & cable companies. Our service is offered independent from other providers. You don't need phone or cable service, and you'll never see a technician from those companies working to get our wireless internet service to you.
  • Local - We are a local business to Farmington, NM. As you support us, you support your economy in taxes, job growth, etc. And as you support us, we support you!

Our service areas are:

Downtown Farmington Area - 10Mbps up/down

 Downtown Map

 Kerby Orchard (on Bloomfield Hwy) - 1.5Mbps up/down (coming soon)

Kerby Orchard Map

 North of Aztec, NM - 1.5Mbps up/down

 North of Aztec Map